Policy/Conditions of participation + data protection

1. Participation Eligibility / Consent

Everyone over the age of 18 is entitled to participate. Participants from some countries may not be eligible to participate due to legal provisions existing in their respective counties and may need a legal advice.

The participant explicitly agrees to the policy of AGiC and Paypal

2. Timeframe

The Nigerian Youths Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer Training is not expected to commence before 01.01.2021. The draws and prices associated with this fund-raising initiative is expected to take place on 14.11.2020 in Dortmund Germany.

3. Contact information

All participants agree that during the campaign period and the prize processing stage he/she may be contacted by Agic and project partners by e-mail as part of project information and quarterly update. This agreement is temporary and lapses automatically with the end of the fund-raising phase of the program.

4. Other / Liability

The information provided is only used for the Nigerian Youths Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer initiative. AGiC is not liable for any damages which may arise due to errors, delays or disruption during the transfer of data or through use of („www.agic-hamburg.de// “). Should individual provisions be or become invalid, this does not affect the validity of the other conditions of participation.

5. Data Protection Notice

African German Information Centre gemeinnützige UG provides you, as a user of the (www.agic-hamburg.de “) as described the conditions of participation. By using the web page as services, you accepted that you are informed of the provision and the content of this data protection notice and are in agreement with it.


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